Hey there, we are Jake and Ethan Russell and we make videos and films.



We are producers, directors, filmmakers and entrepreneurs living and working in New York City.

About Us

The magic of stringing together images and sounds that create meaning has always compelled us. Growing up in Rochester, NY, some of our best memories are hanging out together and watching films and shows. We’re tinkerers who like to create things with our hands, and we are drawn to beautiful photography and performance. When you combine those passions with our love of great storytelling, one can argue that we were always destined to become filmmakers (and business owners!)

When Ethan graduated college, we moved in together in Washington D.C. About a year into that adventure, we did what any responsible 20 somethings do; we quit our well paying jobs, bought a camera, an editing computer and started calling ourselves directors. After learning camera basics and editing techniques on terribly endearing short films that we have since buried, we were ready for the big leagues: New York City! Thus, we packed a U-Haul on January 1, 2010 and moved our lives to Brooklyn.


I would travel down to hell and wrestle a film away from the devil if it was necessary.

- werner herzog


In the years since, we’ve built a commercial production company, Good Brother and MiniDocs, a documentary production agency. When we aren’t running our company, we occasionally vlog about the stuff we build, make short films, and we’re currently developing our first feature.

Thanks for checking us out and learning a little bit about our origin. To track us in the present, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook or you can check back here to view our latest pursuits.


Much love,

The Russell Brothers

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